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Upcoming Rainwater Harvesting Workshops
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Led by Jim Moll, Florida-Friendly Landscaping Coordinator, each Pasco County household is eligible to receive arain barrel (limit one), when at least one household member registers and attends this workshop.

Remember:  these popular workshops fill fast.  Pre-registration is required and done on a first-come, first-paid basis.

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According to Jim Moll, "The main reason every drop of water counts is 'storm water runoff.'  A 55-gallon rain barrel collects and stores water that runs off people's roofs, preventing it from running across land, picking up pollutants and washing them into Pasco's creeks and streams.  Rain barrels can help reduce water pollution."



Please place me on the email list for the next upcoming rainwater harvesting workshop: email jmoll@pascocountyfl.net.


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