Pasco County Extension
Family & Consumer Sciences Program

Life is full of many challenges!  Pasco County Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) program is here to help.

We offer a lot of useful information and timely topics about food, nutrition and health, safety, money management, clothing care, home and environmental concerns, relationships and many other topics.  There is something of interest for all ages―from infants to aging adults.

Following is information on current topics (some are Web sites and most are in pdf format for download/printing):  

  • Healthy Food Choices in Schools
    A program that provides free online educational/informational tools and resources that empower school foodservice directors and staff, school administrators, teachers, health professionals, parents and after-school programs to make changes that encourage children to make healthier food selections in school food environments, without undermining revenue.
  • What are SNAP/SNAP-Ed and FNP?
    One in three children in the US are overweight or obese.  Yet at the same time, one in five families struggle with food insecurity—not knowing from one day to the next whether their families will have enough to eat.

    Nationally, SNAP and SNAP-Ed, locally Pasco Family Nutrition Program (FNP), are working hand-in-hand to help support families to eat healthily.  SNAP (food stamps) provides families with support in affording food; SNAP-Ed, the nutrition education program, helps SNAP and low-income families find, buy and prepare healthier foods on their limited budgets.  From schools, to the YMCA, to farmer's markets, SNAP-Ed works.

    Our new SNAP-Ed infographic illustration demonstrates how critical SNAP-Ed is in supporting healthy eating: though it makes up just a fraction of SNAP funding, SNAP-Ed efforts are making a real difference.
  • "100 Years of Extension"(1:00) Join the University of Florida IFAS Extension in the celebration of the signing of the Smith-Lever Act, which began the Cooperative Extension Service in 1914.  This one minute Public Service Announcement heralds the signing, Extension's impact and showcases a few of the many UF/IFAS Extension programs which provide solutions for Florida's citizens!
  • "Lunch Box Safety" (3:25) Dr. Keith Schneider explains how to keep children's lunch from home a safe one.
  • What's on YOUR Plate?  If you haven't heard, USDA just replaced MyPyramid with MyPlate to help consumers make healthy choices.  MORE...
  • MyPlate Nutrition Healthy Eating Series - Ten Tips
  •  BED BUGS. There are reports of bed bugs in schools.  In order to avoid problems resulting from improper applications, it is critical that we are knowledgeable on how to handle bed bug infestations. Select the following links for more information on these hard-to-kill insects.
    --National School IPM Information
  • Marketing Processed Agricultural Products in Florida:  Steps to Take.  Fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural commodities that are processed, bottled, or packaged for human consumption must be prepared in accordance with statutes enacted by the Florida Legislature and rules administered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). This 6-page fact sheet helps producers understand the rules governing direct marketing in Florida. Written by Bradley J. Burbaugh, Elena Toro, Amarat H. Simonne, Keith R. Schneider, Renée M. Goodrich-Schneider, Allen F. Wysocki, Arthur A. Teixeira, and John T. Fruin, and published by the UF Department of Family Youth and Community Sciences, March 2011.